Friday, 13 February 2009

Neilson Ancestry Gorbals, Glasgow Scotland

This morning, I visited the Rose Garden in the Gorbals which is a very old burying ground but now a public park with memorial stones embedded in the perimeter walls.

The video clip below shows a memorial erected by John and James Neilson in memory of their father, Walter Neilson, Engineer at Govan Colliery, who died 1821. The inscription also records the death of John Neilson, Engineer at Oakbank Foundry, Glasgow on Oct 10th 1855 age 75 yrs.

Later: March 2nd 2010. I again visited the Gorbals Rose Garden in response to comments made to this posting. I obtained a fresh video (with a better camera) and a still image. The 1821 date adverted to above may or may not relate to the death of the Neilson brothers' father. The inscription reads " Property of John and James Neilson sons of Walter Neilson, Engineer, Govan Colliery 1821. " The date 1821 could relate to the date the burial plot was purchased.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, catswhisker !

Another family gravestone !!

Are you sure of that death date for Walter ?
(We have 1839 off a will)

Didn't the graveyard get flattened for the motorway ?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to double, but it didn't happen to mention Marion his wife, the boys mother.

again a photo would be great if you pass that way again ... :)

I see now it is a rose garden indeed (google), wonder why they flattened it ?

maybe the church/chapel was destroyed,moved ?

thanks again, MC

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, great pic.

So hard when your 12,000 miles away ...

K said...

The video clip is very good! I have connections with The Neilson's. My great-grandmother was Jane Neilson (Robin-Gilkerson) !851-1884 grand=daughter of James Beaumont Neilson[hot blast inventor]. I found pictures of his musoleum. I'm looking for any Robin family grave sites.
Found a few at Cardonald and know of several at Eastern Necropolis/Janefield.

Thank you!

Knightingale said...

After finding the last testament of John Neilson I find that my great grandmother Jane Neilson Robin was the daughter of John Neilson, JBN elder brother not his son. What a great find. Thanks again for filming this site and memorial head stone.

Thank you!